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by NAM
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The REN Blanks are made of a unique graphite blend with incredible tensile strength. This makes it possible to equip the rods with a very light, fine tip that combines a high level of precision with extreme sensitivity. The non-progressive medium to deep action in the main part of the blank provides a balanced casting feel. The result: very high line speeds without sacrificing finesse. Already on the first meters of the line, the rod is loaded, even without having to frantically "flail" the rod.

The thin blank made of modern carbon fiber presents itself in a traditional dark brown finish. Blank with ultra-light but robust snake guides and a stripping guide, made of titanium. Delgado cork handles in absolute top quality The black anodized aluminum reel seat includes maple wood spacer on the 4wt and 5wt, all in traditional Scandinavian design. 


  • Modern fly rod with a classic look
  • Extremely lightweight, high-performance blank
  • For absolute sensitivity in casting
  • Blank: REN Technology
  • Low swing weight
  • Titanium snake guides
  • Titanium stripping guide
  • Premium Delgado cork handle
  • Maple wood spacer (#4 and #5)
  • Polished reel seat in black anodized aluminum
  • Red marking at 60 cm for quick measurement
  • 5-piece set: ideal for traveling
  • Color: dank-brown
  • Ivory colored case
  • Black aluminum rod tube


    NAM provides a free 2-year warranty on defective parts from the date of purchase. After these two years, defective parts will be replaced for a flat rate of £80 per section (or £110 per Butt section) for single handed rods. This service is guaranteed until at least 5 years after the end of the respective rod series.


    Delgado Cork:

    Strictly translated the word “Delgado” means thin or slender. These thin barked trees are not as common as the thick bark trees making it very rare and highly sought after.  Since the cork bark is naturally thinner and denser it has many advantages over the thicker cork bark.

    Advantages with Delgado:

    • The pores are much smaller so there is almost no need for filler material at all.
    • No need for rubber-cork endings making the handle even lighter and still very durable.
    • Thanks to the slower growth speed of the “Delgado” trees, the density of the cork material itself is slightly higher resulting in increased transmission of vibration between the blank and the cork, giving you better direct contact with the rod

    It’s also green with Delgado Cork:
    It regenerates every 9 years, so it is completely renewable. Not only is it renewable, but harvesting the cork bark is actually beneficial to the tree itself in terms of lifespan because if left unharvested the cork bark can grow too thick and choke the tree resulting in premature death. Harvesting the cork don’t just allow the tree to live longer, stripping the bark also increases the amount of CO2 it can absorb from the air. So, it’s truly a win-win for the environment. The glue that is used has no solvents or harsh chemicals in it and is also 100% Eco-Friendly.