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Let us introduce our new type of rod action - Fast Full Flex, a rod action type that truly merges the best with the feeling of a super light rod and explosiveness, but together with an almost nostalgic type of feeling.

Are you the type of angler that really loves those crispy, almost explosive type of rods for high line speed? But at the same time, you would like to feel more how the very bottom of the rod flexes, giving you a little bit more time to set up your cast?

These rods give you more time to set up your cast, and to slow down a little bit if wanted. But don’t let that fool you or believe that these rods are in anyway “slow”! The kick comes a tiny bit later, but you will still feel the power and extreme line speed as the rod unloads. The recovery in these rods are incredible thanks to the T1100 material. We have pushed the rod curve all the way down through the butt section and enhancing that type of wanted action by making the tip sections noticeably stiffer than the regular NT11. This also gives you a big lifting power when using longer Spey lines or heavier sinking heads as it naturally slows you down, getting time to really get that line out of the water. The rod will remind you of the older parabolic type of rods that flexes all the way through your hands, but with a clear feeling of a fast and crispy rod with the best, state of the art technology there is!

13’ #8/9 Fast Full Flex Scandi/Spey 32-39 gr / 490-600 grains: With the great benefits from the T1100 materials, we have developed this full flexing rod that really bends all the way through the handle. Due to the amazing carbon technology this rod will still give you that crispy kick! This rod will cover most types of Spey fishing and is what many would say the perfect allrounder double hand rod for salmon, big trout or steelhead.

14´ #9/10 Fast Full Flex 36-43 gr / 550-660 grains: The amazing technology and T1100 material start to show its capacity even more as the rod gets longer. The 14´ Fast Full Flex will give you that smooth and “easy going” casting style but will still reply distinctively if you add some power to your cast. The stiffer tip section makes it easy to lift heavier sinking lines while maintaining a relaxed approach to the cast.

15´ #10/11 Fast Full Flex 43-50+ gr / 660-770+ grains: What can we say about this rod, it truly brings out the best of modern state of the art technology and manage to combine that feeling of those “old school” deep rods. If you like fast rods, do not let the full/deep flex fool you to believe that these rods are in any way soft or slow. The Fast Full Flex will give you the chance to be a bit more relaxed whilst setting up your Spey cast but will without any problem manage a faster and more aggressive style. This rod has with its stiffer tip section great lifting power and with a smooth movement, any sinking line will come out of the water easily.