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The Best Fishing Gifts for Mother’s Day

The Best Fishing Gifts for Mother’s Day

Let’s make this Mother’s Day special with a thoughtful gift that caters to her love of angling. Not another year of the “world's best mum” mugs, fluffy socks, and boring bath bombs. If your mum loves her angling, then we have the perfect Mother's Day gift guide. Even if your knowledge of fishing is limited, we’ll make this year's gift giving seamless. We've compiled a list of the very best fishing presents for her. Whether it's lure or fly fishing that she loves, these gifts are guaranteed to put a smile on her face.

The essential read for a trout fly fishing mum

If mum is looking to get into fly fishing trout in the small stillwaters, then this book by fly fishing legend Peter Cockwill is a must read. Not only is it packed full of essential information that is handy for complete beginners to advanced fly anglers, but it is even signed by the author himself, adding that extra special touch to make her day that bit more special.

Tackle Bag

Handbags are a popular mothers day gift, but maybe she already has enough or it’s just not her thing. But for a fishing enthusiast it's the tackle fishing bag that makes her heart sing. These stylish bags store all the tackle and tools she could ever need whilst out on her fishing trips. They come in many colours and styles, but it's vital to find one with numerous compartments to be the most useful. The Simms Freestone Hip Pack is the perfect choice this Mother's Day.

Gift a fly box this mother’s day

Swap out a jewellery box for the ultimate fly box. If she loves her fly fishing she is guaranteed to have multiple fly sets for all occasions. The fly box is the ideal solution to ensure she keeps them all organised. You'll be surprised at how much care she will take sorting her flies correctly. It may be a box to you, but it's a delightful addition to her fly fishing setup. Choose the Guideline Double-Sided Silicone Fly Box for the perfect Mother's Day fly box.

Gift a fly set

Why not get her a new fly set to go with the fly box above? It doesn’t matter how many flies she already has, there simply is never enough. They make a wonderful addition to the fly box and are very budget friendly. You can’t really go wrong with any selection, all flies are really handy.

Fishing Tools

Mum is going to need some essential tools when out on her fishing trips. Make their Mother's Day with a fishing combo tool designed to aid in all fishing situations, cut lines, tie knots, clean hook eyes, these crafty fishing tools are a game changer. The Loons essentials kit is a great choice for mum.

For a mum that has everything

The best gift for an angler that seems to have it all has to be the stainless steel fish smoker. This one by Abu Garcia is pretty special and is the perfect way to make a delicious home cooked fish delicacy. Enjoying a smoked fish after a long day is the best way to enjoy the catch after all. If they open this smoker on Mother's Day we guarantee you’ll have put a huge smile on her face.

Rod & Tackle gift voucher

We get it, buying for an angler can be difficult, especially if they have passionate preferences on brands and types of gear. Why not cover off all bases with a Rod and Tackle gift voucher? Valid on both our website and in store in our Cramlington shop. You can get a voucher for any amount, so it suits all budgets and ensures they can use it towards the gear that has always been on their wishlist.

Fishing Mother's Day gifts for your fishing obsessed mum

There we have it, the top 10 fishing Mother's Day gifts to delight your loved one. We hope our Mother's Day guide has been helpful. If you have any questions feel free to drop us a message at or call us on 01670 733747 and we will be able to offer you valuable advice.

Grant Ottignon-Harris

Grant Ottignon-Harris

Grant Ottignon-Harris is one of the most respected names in the fishing industry, with two decades of experience including as a Managing Director EMEA at Pure Fishing and Group Managing Director at Farlows.
As the founder of Rod and Tackle, Grant brings his extensive expertise and guidance to anglers across the UK, both in-store and through the online shop. His mission is to provide the very best in fishing tackle, alongside unrivalled advice and support.

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