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Best trout fishing rods

Best River Trout Fishing Rods for the 2023 Season

Are you looking for the best river trout fishing rod? It can be difficult to find the perfect one for you given the huge range of choice. With new state-of-the-art fly rods released by some of the biggest names in fishing, and classic best-sellers still hugely popular, how do you know which one to choose?

At Rod and Tackle, we know that having the right River Trout rod is essential for a successful fishing trip, that is why we have taken a lot of time and care to test out the top-performing River Trout rods available today. Whether you are new to fly fishing, or looking to upgrade your gear, we have put together the very best list of River Trout fishing rods from the latest in cutting-edge technology to tried and tested classics, to ensure your fishing game is taken to the next level. Let’s jump right in.

The best entry-level trout fishing rod for the 2023 season

If you’re new to trout fishing then an entry-level fishing rod that is both budget friendly and easy to use is essential. The Shakespeare Oracle 2 River Fly Rod is the perfect solution for beginners and the one we often recommend as the ideal first rod for river fishing trout. It may not be brand new, but it’s still the best entry-level rod out there.

This single-handed rod is a light river-actioned fly rod that aids in your casting ability making the learning curve far more enjoyable, ensuring you don’t return home without the catch.

Here at Rod and Tackle we often recommend this rod to first-timers. Its forgiving nature allows new trout anglers to get to grips with their casting style easily. It’s also one of the most affordable options making it a very desirable choice with many new anglers.

The best value for money trout fishing rod for 2023

The industry was a buzz this year when Greys announced a massive launch, the new flagship model from the Wing fly rod series. Superb for premium performance, the Greys Wing Streamflex fly rod has it all. Not only is it equipped with all the latest technology the Steamflex has been individually designed to excel at trout fishing on rivers, ensuring it is more than up to the job.

For many years the Streamflex model has become synonymous with European river fishing techniques and light lines. However, the 2023 model takes it further providing excellent line control and in-hand feel thanks to improved lower profile blank design, balance, and action!

Here at Rod and Tackle, we believe this rod represents excellent value for money and is a must for trout river anglers. Its versatility offers ultimate light-line trout river fishing!

The ultimate river trout fly rod for 2023

Let us formally introduce you to the greatest, the best, the ultimate, the Hardy Ultralite SR! Designed for out-and-out stream and river work, its awesome presentation, lightness, and delicate nature make it a dream to cast with. It was launched back in 2021, but we still have to recommend it as the absolute best for the 2023 season.

When testing this rod we were impressed by the Hardy Sintrix NSX material which provides the perfect mix for a crisp rod that protects light tippets. It gives you a forgiving, easy loading action for the accuracy and control you need in a small river.

How would we sum up this rod? Just awesome. It’s not just us here at Rod and Tackle either, the SR is from the award-winning Ultralite range and has gained huge praise across the industry.

Comparing all the best River Trout rods

Ultralite SR Wing Streamflex Oracle 2
Manufacturer Hardy Greys Shakespeare
Price £579.99 £309.99 £84.99
Ability Level Designed for experts Mid-range Beginner
Pieced 4 or 6 Piece 4 Piece 4 Piece
Handle Type Single-handed Single-handed Single-handed


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Grant Ottignon-Harris

Grant Ottignon-Harris

Grant Ottignon-Harris is one of the most respected names in the fishing industry, with two decades of experience including as a Managing Director EMEA at Pure Fishing and Group Managing Director at Farlows.
As the founder of Rod and Tackle, Grant brings his extensive expertise and guidance to anglers across the UK, both in-store and through the online shop. His mission is to provide the very best in fishing tackle, alongside unrivalled advice and support.

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