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Header image for 6 reasons fly fishing is better showing a young man in a river casting his fly rod

Why is fly fishing better?

We have put together six reasons fly fishing is better! Whether you are taking up a new sport or are looking to adapt your fishing techniques, we believe these will convince you. There are many reasons why anglers have fallen in love with fly fishing after all, but here are our top six.

Reason 01. One of the most rewarding angling methods

Many anglers refer to fly fishing as an art form. It can be more difficult to perfect than alternative fishing techniques, but that also makes it one of the most rewarding. It will captivate you, and you will find yourself well and truly addicted. There is a lot to learn from learning to cast, tie knots, and read the water. Regardless, Fly fishing is still beginner friendly, but becoming a true expert takes many years of practice.

Reason 02. Bond with your family over a shared passion

Finding a common interest with your kids is not the easiest. But with screen addiction becoming a real issue, finding a hobby away from the screen is becoming more vital. Teaching your son or daughter to go fly fishing could be the perfect solution.

Not only does this sport teach your little one love for the outdoors, patience, determination, and focus it will keep them humble and show them the rewards of perseverance. But maybe best of all, it will give you the best fishing partner you could ask for. The shared experiences and memories will last a lifetime and will be sure to create a funny tale or two at the Christmas dinner table.

Reason 03. Location, location, location

We couldn’t compile a list of the best reasons to love fly fishing without mentioning the beautiful locations you get to visit. This sport allows you to travel the globe to experience some of the most tranquil views known to man. 

Pack your passport and head to Iceland for a short season of Salmon fishing, or jump across the globe to New Zealand's North Island for some real monsters. Florida, the sport fishing capital of the world, is a must on any Anglers bucket list to get a catch of the Tarpon.

Here at home there are a whole host of stunning fly fishing spots. We are a bit spoilt for choice with beautiful streams, rivers, and lakes across our countries, but some stands out must be: the River Tyne in the North East of England, the River Tweed in the Scottish Borders, the Blagdon Lake just south of Bristol, and finally the River Irfon in Powys, Wales.

Reason 04. The Community

There are many reasons to love the fly fishing community, and honestly, we could probably do a rundown of that on its own. But here are some ways the community makes this sport what it is.

Let us start withcatch and release, which is very popular within the fly fishing community. Catch and release allows the fish to be returned to the water to grow and reproduce, making future fishing possible for everyone.

The community is also growing, with new anglers made to feel welcome. Many fly fishers have made lifelong friends within the community. As fly fishing can be intimidating, having fellow anglers happy to offer advice and guidance is vital, and this community is excellent for doing just that. 

Reason 05. Great workout

Fly fishing is a sport that offers a great workout. Unlike the gym, you may not leave covered in sweat, but that does not mean your body isn’t put to work. The act of fly fishing offers a full body workout with almost every muscle used throughout. You will be sure to feel sore by the end. Therefore, if you are looking for a way of keeping fit and healthy without putting your body through an intensive, high-impact workout, then fly fishing is perfect.

Reason 06. It’s great for the mind

Last but definitely not least is the benefits to your mental health. Being outdoors, surrounded by beautiful scenery, breathing in the fresh air can do wonders for your mental health. The benefits of fly fishing to your well being is widely known. In fact, it was recognised by theUK Government when fishing became one of the first activities to be lifted under Covid restrictions.

As fly fishing requires your concentration and full focus, it helps to take your mind away from general anxieties. This, coupled with the increase in self-esteem and confidence the sport provides, gives many people a lot of mental peace and is a huge reason many can’t get enough of this sport.

For some bonus reasons, check out this funny video:


Grant Ottignon-Harris

Grant Ottignon-Harris

Grant Ottignon-Harris is one of the most respected names in the fishing industry, with two decades of experience including as a Managing Director EMEA at Pure Fishing and Group Managing Director at Farlows.
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